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Ryan Angelo


Why Should You be Listening to me?

My name is Ryan Angelo, and I work one-on-one with clients all over the country to overcome the Stress & Anxiety in their lives so they can become more Aware, have more Control, and Live Life on their terms. I am able to radically change the lives of others, because I was once in a perpetual state of Anxiety. From a miraculous journey through the mind and body, I was able fo finally defeat Stress and take control of my life.

At its core, the feeling of Stress, is essentially a lack of control.

I’ll share my story with you…

As a child, I was extremely intuitive and sensitive to those around me. The family I came from intended well, but was very critical of everything. Certainty was something I never felt. Build on a particular archetypal foundation, my personality formed in a manner that caused me to be an intensely critical perfectionist who possessed a remarkable skill for over-analysis.

Having little money, I would go to school wearing the same outfit a few times a week. This did not go without notice and many people delighted in insulting me. Because of my quiet and observant nature, I allowed myself to be the victim of many jokes. Each joke was internalized with horrific consequences. One comment could linger in my thoughts for days, weeks and even months.

“Anxiety was a state that I actually began to think was normal”

I spent so much time with this sensation I honestly knew no different. The prison of mind and emotion was one that I could not escape. The physical symptoms became apparent through chronic fatigue, depression and illness.

This internal warfare continued throughout my younger years…

“It hindered my ability to focus, to study and to remember”

Each situation was a challenge because my stress-response had become so fine tuned that any form of uncertainty, social interaction, and atheletic competition would cause MASSIVE anxiety.

Despite the unrelenting anxiety and the crippling presence of endless stress, I was able to perform well enough in athletics that I received a college scholarship. The perfectionist in me had great expectations and diligently fixated on any flaw or mistake. This intrinsic trait coupled with the harsh reality of calloused coaches was a recipe for disaster. I could barely function in this environment due to the anxiety and stress. My mind would never think clearly and only found negatives and listened to crippling criticisms.

Stress ended my athletic career

I experienced this first hand as my athletic capability declined despite desperate and diligent training.

Eventually, this stress-induced breakdown of my body would lead me to a career-ending injury and the total breakdown of my ego. I will spare you the details of this time-frame in my life, but what I will say is that I did anything I could to be free of the sensation of anxiety and stress, even if only for moments.

Brightness from Obscurity

Perfectionists have an ability to take all blame and keep it; I did this and the sensation of failure wouldn’t allow me to sleep, think clearly or function. Depressed, broken and exhausted I turned to my appreciation of Mind, Body and Faith.

My background in Physiology helped me to appreciate the physical symptoms and some causes of Stress. My uncertainty and desperation led me to studying Psychology, and I began to appreciate the mind and personalities in a way I had never thought was possible.

Than Something Changed.

One day, I started to hear conversations differently. I saw people in different light. I was able to control my mind. I became Aware, it was if someone had handed me the very Essence of Power.

I discovered that I held complete power over Anxiety and Stress. Every threat lost its ability to worry me. I gained control of every situation I found myself in.

This changed my Entire Outlook in Life

All that I thought was impossible became a mere challenge waiting for me to overcome it. I was no longer the slave. I was the Master.

I was finally FREE…

Eventually, I took what I had come to appreciate and created an intricately woven system for canceling out Anxiety ans Stress.

To my delight, this method worked 100% of the time. I had unlocked the key to TOTAL BLISS. I found a way to live the life I wanted, free of the terrible sensations and punishment of Stress ans Anxiety.

Ryan C. Angelo

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